Training Modules

The Mastery Learning Folder process can be used by learners of all ages and abilities. Implementation is a process  and there’s a variety of different options depending on your context. The following modules will step you through getting started.

Learners of all ages: Modules 1 & 2

Parent tutors: Modules 1 & 2

School educators: Modules 1 – 4

Independent learners: Modules 1, 2 & 4

After watching the videos, interested schools are invited to get in touch to arrange a complementary training session  to assess the strategy against your context and needs. Anyone thinking about using the strategy is invited to ask questions through the Contact Form or via Email.

Module 1: Foundation (3:01)

Module 2: Practise Process (5:54)

Module 3: Learning Content (6:32)

Module 4: Mastery Testing (5:38)



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