Mastery Learning Folders ... for lessons worth remembering.

The classroom ... we know why we’re there, we know how difficult it is (in so many ways) but let’s get the job done! Mastery Learning Folders are not a ‘program’–they’re a practice tool–and they can help you to manage the remediation, consolidation or extension of your classroom learning program across subject areas. This page will introduce you to the strategy and demonstrate how it could benefit some (eg IEP students) or all of your students.
I began my Mastery Learning Folder journey using handmade folders, and they worked well–my drama was that I didn’t have the time to make and remake them throughout the year. This challenge led to the creation of a hardcover version and post-graduate study to ensure the folder process reflected current evidence-informed research in Cognitive Psychology. My results were examined by Robert Bjork (Desirable Difficulties learning strategies), John Hattie (Visible Learning) and John Sweller (Cognitive Load Theory).  Implementation of the research will begin over the coming months.

Outlined below are a series of short videos which will lead you through the theory, use and implementation of the original Mastery Learning Folder strategy. Before viewing, I’d encourage you to join the Flashcard Club to see the free resources created to support students’ foundational learning through the folder strategy.

Start Here

Having a basic understanding of the theory behind the Mastery Learning Folder practice tool helps enormously when addressing individual student needs. Module 1 was created to explain both the theory and use of the Mastery Learning Folder tool to parents and primary students. Three modules follow which introduce the essential components of the folder process –how they work, the selection of content to help all students progress from their point of need and finally, the once a week mastery test procedure.

Module 1: Foundation.

Module 2: Practise Process.

Module 3: Learning Content.

Module 4: Mastery Testing.

Is this you?

You’re a teacher.

You’ve watched the videos.

You’ve checked out the Flashcard Club.

You’re interested in trying out the strategy??

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Mastery Learning Folders ... for lessons worth remembering.


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