Mastery Learning Folders ... for lessons worth remembering.

The classroom ... we know why we’re there, we know how difficult it is (in so many ways) but let’s get the job done! Mastery Learning Folders are not a ‘program’–they’re a tool–and they can help you to manage the remediation, consolidation or extension of your classroom learning program across subject areas through student practise. This page will introduce you to the strategy and demonstrate how it could benefit some, for example, individual education plan students, or all of your students. Alternatively, head straight to Quick Start School Training.
I began my Mastery Learning Folder journey using handmade folders, and they worked well–my drama was that I didn’t have the time to make and remake them throughout the year. This challenge led to the creation of a hardcover version which meant I could reuse them with new students year after year. Another time-saver is my free Flashcard Club which contains hundreds of foundational learning flashcards. Amazing results in the classroom led to post-graduate study to ensure the folder process reflected current evidence-informed research in cognitive psychology. My results were examined by Robert Bjork (Desirable Difficulties learning strategies), John Hattie (Visible Learning) and John Sweller (Cognitive Load Theory).

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If you're new to the strategy, a great way to begin using mastery learning folders is with your individual education/learning plan students. Follow the IEP Management link below and you'll find a training video and every resource you need to make a start.

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Mastery Learning Folders ... for lessons worth remembering.


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