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Congratulations on taking an active interest in your child's learning - there's so much you can do to support their education! This page is dedicated to providing you with resources suited to primary or older students with special needs, in foundational literacy and numeracy skills. To start your journey, join the Flashcard Club where you'll find a link to resources in the Parent's section. Once you've found them, continue reading this page and I will guide you through these of these resources according to your child's learning needs. Nicola

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Firstly, it is important to have a basic understanding of the theory behind the Mastery Learning Folder practice tool. This video was created to explain both the theory and use fo the Mastery Learning folder tool to parents and primary students.

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To maximise your child's learning it's very important to start their practice from their point of need. If your child needs help with reading, a basic pre-test (called a screener) is a good way to find out what they already know and where to go from there.  In the parent section of the Flashcard Club you'll find a document called "PA/ Phonics Quick Screeners". Within this document you'll find 8 quick pre-tests you can use to identify where your child's practice needs to begin. This was once a paid resource but now the practice flashcards (previously on CD) are free printables in the parent section. Identify your child's starting point using the screeners, print off the recommended flashcards and you're ready to start!





It's very important for primary students to develop instant recall of basic number facts and there's a lot of mental mathematics learning that comes before the times tables! In the parent section of the Flashcard Club you'll find a document called "Mental Mathematics Levels". Open this document and you'll see four levels of mental maths mastery. I recommend that you pre-test on set of Level 1 flashcards at a time, starting with 'Numerals to 20'. Initially, this can be done with your child on a screen, but if they are unsure of the content, print off the flashcard set and begin making a pile of the unknown flashcards until you have around 20. You'll then be ready to start supporting you child's learning in mental maths!

Now, let's get you sorted with a Mastery Learning Folder!

It's very important to me that any parent or student who wishes to access the Mastery Learning Folder practice process can do so with minimal resources if required. If you're in this situation, I recommend the Cereal Box Challenge project which was designed for parents and students in lockdown. This project will show you and your child how to make a Mastery Learning Folder at home and use it for mastering mental maths facts. Alternatively, if you would like your child to use this study approach throughout their school journey, a high quality, hardcover Australian made mastery Learning older can be purchased through the Online Store.

Mastery Learning Folder

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Using the Mastery Learning Folder During the Week...

The Weekly Mastery Test...

When used in schools, the weekly master test is usually conducted by the teacher (as described in this video), however, you can also conduct this part of the process at home.