Individual Education Plan Management

Individual Education Plan management is challenging! Thanks for your interest in learning about how Mastery Learning Folders - handmade or hardcover - can assist. The teacher training video below shows how to use the folders for IEP management and fulfilment. Rather than embed the video on this page, I've linked it to my You Tube channel so you can use the settings cog to increase the playback speed if you wish. Further down you'll also find a short demonstration of the folder process for parents, a theory video for students/parents, quick screeners/templates and a special discount to try out a folder. Please get in touch if your staff would like to further investigate this strategy.

Nicola Carr-White Mastery Learning Folder Researcher

Parent Training Videos

The order of the pockets with Mastery Learning Folders is always the same, however, there's two different ways that the pocket labels can be arranged within the folder; the newer layout is on the left. The new layout places the parent testing during the week (the green pockets) on the left side of the folder, and the teacher/EA once a week mastery testing  (the blue pockets) on the right, which makes the whole process much easier to follow. You can direct your parents to these videos, and the background information video underneath, through this link to the Parent Page.

Background Information

This video for parents and students simply explains the theory behind spaced retrieval practice and encourages students to persevere in their struggle to remember whilst using their Mastery Learning Folder.


Blackline Masters


Complimentary Staff Training

I conduct complementary live Zoom sessions on how mastery learning folders can help school staff to manage all types of individual student needs, so please get in touch if this is of interest to your school. Visit my Feedback page to read about teacher experiences using the tool and professional development.

Mastery Learning Folder IEP Starter Set

Is this you?

You’re a teacher or tutor.

You’ve watched the IEP training.

You’ve checked out the Flashcard Club

And you’re interested in trying out the strategy??


If so, you may be interested in a sample pack which includes a premium hardcover Mastery Learning Folder, a heavy-duty 20 pocket flashcard organiser sheet and one-on-one support to to set the folder up to meet your students' learning needs. This discounted offer is limited to one sample per teacher or business. Order below:

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"Our Literacy Support Specialist is using [the folders] with about 13 Grade 1s and 2s and getting fantastic results, as we did last year too. The folders are great.” VC, TAS

"Also thanks for the information today I am trying to find a way to use the MLF with my additional needs students at high school. I am a Special Needs EA and I support these students across all areas of the curriculum and also different year levels. After the holidays I will go over their individual education plans and see how I can implement them into the MLF. 

You really had my attention when you said it could be used as evidence in a case conference. This will help to clearly explain how we are supporting a student to meet their goals. I would gladly appreciate any other advice for using MLF with high school students." 
Michele Skidmore, Education Assistant, Governor Stirling SHS, Perth
"This was my first webinar and I loved it! I felt very connected with you and with the other attendees. Loved the theory behind it particularly. It is a tool that seems very doable and very usable. I have spoken to a number of colleagues (especially in our Learning Enrichment department) and suggested they check it out too. I will certainly be sharing the webinar replay. Thank you for your willingness to freely share something you feel passionately about."

Maddy, Yr 1 Teacher, St Catherine's Junior School 

"YES, YES, YES. This is exactly what I need! Thank you so much. You have saved me hours and hours of work. I was engaged for the whole session. Wasn't even thinking about the fact that I'm doing PD during the holidays :)" Chantelle, Year 2 Teacher, NSW

"Thank you for an amazing webinar. Learnt so much in that 1 hour. And the resources are absolutely amazing and ready to use and free which makes it even better.” Sharon, Year 2 Teacher, Perth

"I have just had the pleasure of watching your webinar and found it fantastic! I am a teacher assistant and work closely with my Year 1 teacher, who was so impressed with the webinar, she passed it on to me to watch. We will be implementing this in our classroom.” Linda, Education Assistant, Bundaberg, Qld 

"Just watched the Year 1 PD. It was fantastic. I'll be trying this out in my classroom. I'm a new teacher and am always looking to make improvements to my teaching.” Anouk, Year 1 Teacher, Richmond VIC

"Really enjoyed this. I am using mastery folders but got some useful tips to update how we do them. Can't wait to share with my principal and maybe all staff :)"

"Thanks again for your webinar. It was really good and I plan to get busy next week and prepare some files for my individual education plan kids. Thanks so much for making life so much easier!" Jodie, Teacher, WA

"I have used mastery files in the past and found them to be a great support resource. Your post on Facebook came along at just the right time as I have moved year levels and was wondering how to better support my intervention group and my extension children. I really appreciate the free flashcards as this was what was holding me back." Colleen, Junior Primary Teacher, Rockingham, WA 

"I am really looking forward to implementing the folders in my classroom. I found the webinar very informative and I can see many opportunities to improve the children's working memory skills." Jane, Year 1 teacher, Goodna SS

"I know exactly which students in my class are going to benefit from having their own MLF set up for them. Thank you for a great free PD opportunity. Jacquie, Prep/Grade 1 Teacher, Wandiligong PS, Victoria. 

I feel that the mastery folder strategy presented is a perfect way to support student differentiation. Implementing cross-curriculum content makes mastery folders invaluable in the classroom. Fiona, Pre-service Teacher.

"Planning on introducing / trialling as part of PLP for struggling students in reading and number sense." Sue, AP K-2, Year 1 teacher.  

"Webinar was fantastic. Great info. Can see uses for my K’s already." Deb, K Teacher

"Thanks again for sharing your resources, ideas and knowledge last night. It was all new to me as I'm in EI not schools, however I maybe able to adapt it for some of my twice exceptional kids as they are are a smart bunch. " Philippa, IE Teacher

"Thank you so much [for the PD]. We really appreciate you coming out. The resources are fantastic and really cater to the individual needs of children which is an added bonus." Bree, Year 2 Teacher, St Brigid's CPS

"This looks like it may be the answer for a couple of students in my class - and possibly more once I'm up and running!" Sara, K-2 Teacher

"The explanation of exactly what the folder could be used for was most useful. I have previously used it for math skills and literacy skills but had not considered using it for gross motor. I can see this working for the kids and parents in my class." Deb, Teacher, Hammond Park CPS

" A simple but effective tool which is student ability based, clear, concise and easily made." Mandy, Teacher, Capel PS

"Has refreshed by knowledge of using [the folders]. I had used them way back. I like your updated version, a fantastic resource."

"It has reinvigorated my commitment to mastery learning folders and extended my view on how to use them cross-curricular" Robyn, Teacher, Margaret River PS

"You have made an amazing resource, its now all up to us as teachers to implement within the classroom." Kirsty, Teacher

"I want to return to school and implement this strategy - all new and improved! Thanks" Kristie, Teacher, Vasse PS

"Now I know I can use [the strategy] not just with reading but maths too. Fantastic! Can't wait to start!" Kate, Teacher, Bunbury PS

"Real, realistic, practical
Cost effective options (home-made or bought)
Put together by a teacher for teachers
Saves time plus a modern version of an older idea
[Presenter] passionate about topic
I will be using this next term"

" The folder really helps students to organise sight words. They love getting their new words." Lizzy, PP Teacher, Mundaring Christian School

"The folders work really well and the parents do them when they come in. Whatever we notice the kids need more practice with gets added and the weekly spelling words too. Works also for extension. Love them."
Helen, Early Childhood Teacher, John Calvin School Rockingham

"Using the Mastery Learning Folders has been a positive experience for all involved. The process is quick and easy to use. I've seen a magnificent improvement in the students' sight words, reading and writing. It has been awesome." Jocelyn, Year 1 Teacher

"The students in Jocelyn's class have enjoyed using the folders - the other class can't wait to have them also!" Anne, Deputy Principal, St Brigids

"I have been using the folder for spelling with a very reluctant learner in Year 3. He is not willing to have a go due to fear of failure. The Mastery Folder has been pivotal in addressing this - each time we move a word to the next pocket he sees success! His confidence grows and hence so does his willingness to learn. He is a reluctant writer so initially I would call out the words and he would spell whilst bouncing a ball in time or jump the letters on his trampoline. As he realised that he was actually starting to get a lot of words correct his willingness to write them rather than only verbalise them has grown. I would not have thought that he would enjoy this activity but we start each homework session with the folder, with success and then the willingness spreads to his other tasks. Thanks so much for a great product!" Lawri, Teacher

"Using the Mastery Learning Folder has been a wonderful experience for my child. She looks forward to the Friday tests. I think this program should be included in every school curriculum as it makes children learn words a lot faster." Rayan, Parent

"The (conference) presentation was both engaging and very useful. (What I liked best was) learning how effective Mastery Learning Folders can be as I had no prior experience with them."
EYES Conference, Naomi Bennett, Amaroo Primary 

I have two students who are currently showing vulnerabilities with their mental maths recall and I think the MLF will be brilliant for them. Thanks. Jacquie Prep/1 Teacher, Wandiligong PS (NE Victoria).

The use of the Mastery Learning Folders has given teachers a systematic method of remediating learning. It ensures consistent revision and mastery of learning materials.
Sheba Kafwimbi Moyo,  Principal
Light Up Ahead School, Immanuel Mercy Reachout Ministries, Zambia

"I found the (folder) process very easy and enjoyed sitting with (my son) and helping him learn. I also enjoyed making rhymes and it was really lovely to see him progress with each day." Karryn, Parent

"The learning experience was very enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed moving the words along in the folder and could see her progress. Also she loved the stickers on completion of each day." Lorena, Parent

"... our daughter LOVES her Mastery Learning Folder and is always eager to retrieve it to practise her words every night. We've been pleasantly surprised with how well her reading has come along since using the  folder and would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks for letting us be a part of your trial and good luck with what has proven to be a great program :)" Christine, Parent

"We did the big test on the girls' words today and they both got 100% for the first time. Happy days!!! Might try to do the tables as well because we are struggling with them. Thanks for creating such a great tool (folder)." Leanne, Homeschooling Mum

"For those who use the Mastery Learning Folders the results are excellent. The folder is well constructed and can be reused for several years. Flashcards are age appropriate and open ended. The editable template is an excellent resource. We enjoy our experience with the Mastery Learning Folders and will continue to use them." Judy, Teacher

"We absolutely love the folders that you have created. The children and the parents are finding them most useful for the kid’s flashcards. What we also find very helpful is that the pockets are wider and the design of them is brilliant  especially the hard back cover so that no spills can soak through to the work and also because you can see where the children are up to and what they have achieved with the pockets being labeled and the children can also see what they have achieved." Lisa, Parent