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Receiving feedback, comments and making connections with teachers all over Australia is what keeps me fired up to create a new slideshow each month! So far I have focused on Australian special days or theme days/weeks in education e.g. Science Week, NAIDOC.  I’m also interested in providing content that fills a gap – for example, the recent “Daddy Isn’t Here” Father’s Day slideshow had 1700 hits in five days which was a new record for me – very exciting!!

I would like to continue to provide content that is helpful, so please share your ideas and suggestions via the comments section below … THANK-YOU!

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Book Week Printable

Here’s a simple K-3 writing activity to create an A5 class book. The first page is the cover front and back – print directly onto card or print, cut in half and glue onto coloured card. The second page is the master for the pages in the book. Each child writes or draws what they think “Mr Firefly” from the Book Week logo is actually reading about! Combine each child’s page into a stapled book for them to read in the reading corner.

Book Week Printable VIC Outline
Book Week Printable QLD Outline
Book Week Printable SA Outline
Book Week Printable NSW Outline

Book Week

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National Science Week 2015: Light

National Science Week commences on Saturday 15th August and the theme this year is “Light”. This K-3 interactive slideshow looks at the topic of rainbows and includes an easy investigation and an excellent animation link from the NSW resource ebook. The investigation is best conducted in direct sunlight through a window – outside it is too bright to see the rainbow easily. I would give it a try before your students so you are familiar with the angle of the paper to the the rainbow. Have fun catching rainbows!


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