Mastery Learning Folders: A New Take on a Traditional Strategy

“Great teaching will no longer mean masterful delivery of the year level curriculum, but extending the skills and knowledge of every student in every class, regardless of their starting point.” 1

In the past Mastery Learning Folders were often used to assist students learn sight words or phonics, but they have much more potential than that! They are an organisational and educational tool that can be used as a safety net to ensure that every student receives the remediation content they need. Based on class assessments  or post-testing using Flashcard Club content, students can work with their parents 10 minutes each homework night. At the next teacher test, get ready to be very excited about the results – you will be ticking off your records left, right and centre.

The difference is that Mastery Learning Folders provide a convenient way to present learning remediation, they allow teachers to determine the learning load by regulating how many flashcards are in circulation, and the pace of learning is regulated – each time a flashcard reaches the test pocket, a new one is transferred from the store pocket. This learning tool is visual and targeted. See the Mastery Learning Folder page for more details.


1 Goss, P., Hunter, J., Romanes, D., Parsonage, H., 2015, Targeted teaching: how better use of data can improve student learning, Grattan Institute 

Report: Targeted teaching: how better use of data can improve student learning | Grattan Institute