I’m Nicola, an MEd (research) student, a registered primary school teacher and the Director of Mastery Learning Group. During my years teaching junior primary I became aware that students needed much more practise of their foundational skills than could be achieved within the lesson context.

I began modifying a traditional mastery learning folder process through informal action research, ultimately developing it into an intervention that supported student practise of classroom instruction. As other teachers became interested in the strategy, I realised that I didn’t fully understand the theory behind the process. So, in 2017, I started a research master’s degree to identify and assess the process against theory.

Now, in 2020, I am coming to the conclusion of my studies and, once I have submitted my thesis, I can’t wait to share the insights I have discovered.

Whilst my context was the primary school classroom, the folder process is based on learning science and can be used by students of all ages on any content that requires remembering. Content is not limited to the recall or recognition of facts, it can also be used to practise the recall of complex material and procedures. If, as an independent learner, you can write the question and confirm your answer, the folder will help you space out your learning and personalise the time you need to master it. Good luck with your learning!

All the best – feel free to get in touch.