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The new Mastery Learning Folder Strategy

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The Revised Mastery Learning Folder strategy is designed to support the classroom learning program. The process may be used with selected students or the whole class. The 5 – 10 min folder sessions occur most frequently with parents help at morning drop-off or as a homework activity. Teacher records inform the individual material for each student which is supported by Mastery Learning Group’s free Flashcard Club. Mastery learning Folders enable teachers to remediate, consolidate or extend classroom learning to the level of individual student needs.

The learning theories behind the revised strategy include;

prior knowledge – content is based on observation and assessment of classroom learning

targeted learning – content is differentiated according to individual student needs

mastery learning – the cyclical process ensures that content doesn’t leave the folder until it is remembered

cognitive load theory – the amount of content being learnt can be regulated

spaced retrieval practice – testing improves the retention of learning

distributed practice – content is practiced over varying intervals

feedback – the one-on-one parent/child process provides immediate feedback and instruction as required

self-efficacy – students grow in their understanding that learning errors are not a negative, but just a part of the learning process

How do Mastery Learning Folders Target Remediation?

The Mastery Learning Folder differentiates student remediation in three ways;

* based on teacher assessments or post-testing the content is specific to each student

* based on teacher judgement, the learning load (amount of content transferred into the active pockets) can be regulated according to student aptitude

* the time required to learn concepts is self-paced – concepts needing greater remediation circulate back to the Hive, mastered content moves through and out of the folder.

* the process uses the memory science strategies including spaced retrieval and distributed practice.

Mastery Learning Folders provide students with visible learning and immediate feedback. Students develop responsibility for their learning and are motivated to achieve their learning goals.

How do I Purchase Mastery Learning Folders?

Mastery Learning Folders are available Australia wide as a booklist item through your booklist provider. They are also available for online ordering as singles, school pack (10) or as a class set (25 folders with bonus teacher testing file & stickers) or bulk buy (approx 50 plus).

Mastery Learning Folders are a high quality product and are proudly manufactured in Australia. For more detailed product information head to the Orders page.


Folder School Pack Class Set Boxed Kit
 Folder  School Pack (10)  Class Set (25)  Class Kit (28)

What Teachers and Parents are Saying …


“I have been using the folder for spelling with a very reluctant learner in Year 3. He is not willing to have a go due to fear of failure. The Mastery Folder has been pivotal in addressing this – each time we move a word to the next pocket he sees success! His confidence grows and hence so does his willingness to learn. He is a reluctant writer so initially I would call out the words and he would spell whilst bouncing a ball in time or jump the letters on his trampoline. As he realised that he was actually starting to get a lot of words correct his willingness to write them rather than only verbalise them has grown. I would not have thought that he would enjoy this activity but we start each homework session with the folder, with success and then the willingness spreads to his other tasks. Thanks so much for a great product!” Lawri, Teacher

“Using the Mastery Learning Folder has been a wonderful experience for my child. She looks forward to the Friday tests. I think this program should be included in every school curriculum as it makes children learn words a lot faster.” Rayan, Parent

“I found the process very easy and enjoyed sitting with (my son) and helping him learn. I also enjoyed making rhymes and it was really lovely to see him progress with each day.” Karryn, Parent

“The learning experience was very enjoyable. My daughter enjoyed moving the words along in the folder and could see her progress. Also she loved the stickers on completion of each day.” Lorena, Parent

“… our daughter LOVES her Mastery Learning Folder and is always eager to retrieve it to practise her words every night. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well her reading has come along since using the  folder and would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks for letting us be a part of your trial and good luck with what has proven to be a great program :)” Christine, Parent

“We did the big test on the girls’ words today and they both got 100% for the first time. Happy days!!! Might try to do the tables as well because we are struggling with them. Thanks for creating such a great tool.” Leanne, Homeschooling Mum

“For those who use the Mastery Learning Folders the results are excellent. The folder is well constructed and can be reused for several years. Flash cards are age appropriate and open ended. The editable template is an excellent resource. We enjoy our experience with the Mastery Learning Folders and will continue to use them.” Judy, Teacher

“We absolutely love the folders that you have created. The children and the parents are finding them most useful for the kids’ flashcards.What we also find very helpful is that the pockets are wider and the design of them is brilliant  especially the hard back cover so that no spills can soak through to the work and also because you can see where the children are up to and what they have achieved with the pockets being labeled and the children can also see what they have achieved.” Lisa, Parent.

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