Privacy Policy

What information is collected on this website?
When registering on this site, you are asked to enter your name, email address, school, country and voluntary information.

When is information collected?
Information is collected from you when you register for the Flashcard Club, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a form or enter information elsewhere on this site or a third party site such as Facebook.

Third Party Disclosure
Names and email addresses are not sold, traded or shared outside of Mastery Learning Group promotions. Mastery Learning Group collaborates with booklist providers in the promotion and provision of back-to-school supplies to schools who have an association with Mastery Learning Group through previous sales or Flashcard Club membership.

How is the information used?
* to personalize the user’s experience and deliver content
* to improve the website and better cater to user’s needs
* to send update emails containing new flashcards, resources and promotional material
* to inform marketing decisions by Mastery Learning Group
* to promote Mastery Learning Group products through retailers and booklist providers

Should you have further questions about privacy, pleases contact:

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Updated 23/7/18 3.00pm