Father’s Day

Just love the funny video, Dad’s Life! This light-hearted slideshow for primary students contains conversation starters based on the music video clip. Please also see the slideshow below: My Daddy Isn’t Here to address issues with students who won’t be be with their dads on Father’s Day.



The slideshow below is an unusual take on Father’s Day. Use just selected slides or them all to raise awareness and support those children who may not see their Dad on Father’s Day. It is just a sample of reasons why a child may not be with their father – there are many more. As in all teaching circumstances I’m sure you will determine what is appropriate for the needs of your class. Just a thing I’d like to add … a comment to my website mentioned that some children are not loved – hopefully they are by us! The child represented in the last slide has never known a Dad. At this point I ask the children who loves them eg family, friends etc And I say I love them too. It’s not just about the love of a father.


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