Father’s Day

Just love the funny video, Dad’s Life! This light-hearted slideshow for primary students contains conversation starters based on the music video clip. Please also see the slideshow below: My Daddy Isn’t Here to address issues with students who won’t be be with their dads on Father’s Day.



The slideshow below is an unusual take on Father’s Day. Use just selected slides or them all to raise awareness and support those children who may not see their Dad on Father’s Day. It is just a sample of reasons why a child may not be with their father – there are many more. As in all teaching circumstances I’m sure you will determine what is appropriate for the needs of your class. Just a thing I’d like to add … a comment to my website mentioned that some children are not loved – hopefully they are by us! The child represented in the last slide has never known a Dad. At this point I ask the children who loves them eg family, friends etc And I say I love them too. It’s not just about the love of a father.


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Hi I had a great comment from a teacher named Bianca who said that not all children are loved in their family – a fact I know to be true from my experience as a foster carer. In writing the text I wasn’t only presuming love from a family and in delivering the slideshow to a class I would definitely address this. I would ask,”Who loves me, who loves you?” I would also say, if no one else in the whole world loves you, I do – because I do! I would also ask who loves their friends – because I do. I hope the take home message is that every child is loved.

To be honest, this gave me a lump in my throat and I love you response above that every child needs to know they are loved for isn’t that part of our ‘job’ as teachers? To make sure each and every child knows there’s at least one person in this world who loves them, who has their back, who cares for them and wants only the best for them. Sure it SHOULD be their parents, but we all know that isn’t always the case so WE step up… and those kids know they are loved.
Great work, I love this PPT!

Thanks Lillian :-) ! What you said reminds me of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the importance of feeling loved – it must really affect children’s ability to learn. I’m all for discipline but I feel so sad when I see parents speaking unnecessarily harshly to their child or saying mean things :-(