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I’m Nicola, the Director of Mastery Learning Group and also a primary teacher (30 years and counting)!  I have held a variety of roles and taught in several different settings across Western Australia including; all primary year levels, science and music specialist, ICT co-ordinator, oncology ward teacher at PMH and PEAC (gifted and talented) coordinator and teacher.

It was during my years in junior primary that I began modifying the traditional mastery learning folder approach to make the differentiation of learning content, learning load and learning time more manageable. I’m now enjoying delving into learning science theory to ensure that the strategy is aligned with evidence-informed research in spaced retrieval practice, distributed practice and interleaved learning as a part of a research MEd.

Please get in touch if you would like a school dedicated webinar or on-site PD to explore how the strategy can support differentiated classroom learning.

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Nicola Carr-White

0417 186 074


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